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Simon Chaseling and his wife Amanda have 4 young children and live on a rural property in the Coffs Harbour region. They have together for the past several years has owned and operated a local building business, are engaged members of a local Christian church, and are active in community events and programs. For the past several months Simon has organized and hosted a group assisting locals who have lost their jobs through mandates and business closures to find alternate employment. He has never previously been engaged in politics, but has been deeply troubled by the gross government overreach and destruction of careers andlivelihoods, and the push to dismantle the core principles of our society such as informed consent, medical privacy, and the right to work and provide for our families. He believes that medical choices should be a private matter between doctors and patients, free from coercion and bullying.

Of particular concern has been the forcing without consent by government of the new and untried genetic drugs on local teachers, nurses and others, and the terrible treatment and parading of those who wish to decline. Simon was deeply troubled at the complete disinterest by the standing local members to represent or defend those being treated in this way. As parents Simon and Amanda have also been very concerned about the seeming destruction of the local school system through the far left wing indoctrination of children, and the teacher shortages caused by the arbitrary sacking of thousands of hard working and dedicated teachers, stripped of their right to informed consent and medical privacy.

Simon is standing with the Liberal Democrats because he believes they are the best placed party to steer Australian politics back to the values of freedom, genuine community representation, and a fair go for hard working families.

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